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IT, WEB & Media Managers

IT, WEB & Media managers are driving growth and creating strategic value for the organization and its stakeholders. With the emergence of the social networking, e-commerce, cloud, mobile apps, and digital services, IT managers face increasing demands to be innovative, learning agile, and offer transformative leadership.

IT managers are in a unique position, holding a bird’s eye view of what’s going on across the enterprise. Information managers, Digital managers, Information Security managers and Analytics managers align IT strategy with corporate mission and goals, optimise and transform business processes for operating effectiveness and competitive advantage, and manage change that keeps their organization a step ahead of rapidly changing global markets, industry disrupters, new business models, and the competition.

Our headhunting service supports the effective recruiting of IT Managers, Web Content Managers, Advertising Managers, Information Architects, E-commerce Managers, On-line Store Managers, On-line Media Managers, Social Media Managers, Community Content Managers, Digital Strategic Planners, Head of Social Media, Social Media Directors.