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Our executive search service supports clients to find and select the best managers in the Italian and European markets, with relation to the skills and competences required for the specific role.

The research process begins with a detailed analysis of the organizational structure, management model and corporate governance of the client. We then define and discuss with the client an exhaustive job profile with main knowledge, skills and leadership qualities of the ideal candidate.
When required a specific analysis of the compensation package is conducted in order to advise the client on the remuneration to be offered.

We develop our searches with the highest level of quality and confidentiality, being able to attract and motivate high potential managers to the opportunity.

For each search an in-depth reference check is conducted before the final candidates’ presentation.

Our executive search service supports the effective recruiting of Non-Executive Directors, Executive Directors and CEOs, General Managers (e.g. BU Directors, Managing Directors, Country Managers) and Senior Managers (e.g. CFO, COO, CIO, Vice Presidents).