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EUROPEAN recruitment

European recruitment is used to recruit for senior and board management candidates or for very technical and specialised individuals, such as Fashion & Design, High-tech Manufacturing & Medical Industry and Internet Industry where is difficult to find the best candidates.

Since there are so few qualified candidates, the best results are achieved by a direct approach.

Exxecutive has the capability and capacity to undertake deep and broad market analysis:  to find,  approach and select the right people and deliver optimal results.  We do this through direct search on the markets, our extensive range of contacts,  our databases and our proven expertise. Clients turn to Exxecutive to solve the issue of identifying and selecting scarce technical and specialist executives.

We have a deep expertise in finding, for our European Headquartered clients, outstanding Italian managers with knowledge in the “Made In Italy” industrial sectors,  such as: Industrial Manufacturing,  Fashion,  Textile, Furnishing,  Food & Beverage,  Automotive.